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Welded Wire Panel Fence

Metal Welded Wire Panel Fence

Metal Welded Wire Panel Fence

A metal fence made of welded wire panels is a universal fence that is perfect for fencing a car park or a shopping center, as well as for a large enterprise or a sports complex. The fence made of welded panels has a beautiful and aesthetic appearance, is reliably protected from corrosion, the industry produces a wide range of colors of welded panels and poles for mounting the fence.

Posts and Welded Fence Panels

Welded fence panels are a lattice welded from a metal bar with a diameter of 5 and 6 mm with a cell of 50x200 mm. After welding, the panels are zinc coated and covered with a layer of polymer powder paint for additional protection against corrosion and to give the fence the desired color. Fence poles are made of a rectangular pipe, which is galvanized inside and out, and then covered with a layer of powder polymer paint. Posts for mounting fences made of welded panels are made of two types - with a square base for anchoring and with an elongated end for embedding in concrete. The color scheme of the produced poles corresponds to the colors of the welded panels from which the fence is assembled.

Barbed Wire Egoza on the Fence

A fence made of welded wire panels is a reliable fence for any territory, having high strength and sufficient protective properties in normal cases. If necessary, to enhance the protective properties of a fence made of welded panels, it is possible to install on it a concertina wire or flat barrier made of Egoza razor wire, as well as ordinary barbed wire in several rows.