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Egoza Wire

Egoza Barbed Wire

Egoza Barbed Wire

Egoza barbed wire is a steel razor tape with sharp blades on both edges, which is crimped around the base - high-carbon steel wire with high strength spring properties. Egoza razor wire is much more effective than ordinary barbed wire, it cannot be cut or bitten with the help of improvised means, and it is also difficult to overcome it. The main feature of Egoza razor wire, which distinguishes it from ordinary barbed wire, is the use of sharp blades instead of wire spikes, which are much more effective than ordinary barbed wire spikes. Egoza wire can be used as one or more strands stretched over a fence, or for erecting a Egoza barbed wire fence.

Egoza Concertina Wire Barrier

Although Egoza barbed wire is very effective on its own, the protective effect of its use can be significantly increased if a concertina wire security barrier is used to create barriers - a cylindrical structure made of Egoza razor wire. The concertina wire barrier is created according to the principle of Bruno's spiral - barbed wire is twisted into a spiral and adjacent coils are fastened together according to a certain pattern. In a stretched form, such a structure has sufficient rigidity and springs well, making it very difficult for an intruder to overcome it. The Egoza concertina wire barrier is one of the most effective types of modern razor wire fences and is used for both civil and military purposes.

Egoza Single Coil Wire

Egoza single coil wire is a cheaper, but no less effective type of Egoza concertina wire barrier. The main difference between a razor wire single coil and a concertina wire barrier is the complete absence of connecting clips for this type of barrier. The single coil wire barrier consists of coils of Egoza razor wire in the form of a spiral stretched in space. Just like the spiral security barrier, the Egoza single coil wire barrier is used in both military and civilian applications.

Egoza Flat Barrier

The Egoza flat barrier is similar in design to a spiral safety barrier, but its coils lie in the same plane. The flat security barrier is a flat strip of Egoza razor wire coils. The flat barrier looks less aggressive and is more compact than the Egoza concertina wire barrier, thanks to which it can be used in urban and other crowded conditions without disturbing others, while at the same time reliably protecting your property. It can be installed on top of fences, and also used to build fences from a Egoza flat barrier.

Egoza Mobile Security Barrier

The Egoza mobile security barrier is a coil of a Egoza barbed wire spiral barrier, fixed at the edges on two frames. The Egoza mobile security barrier made of barbed wire can be effectively used in various kinds of emergencies that require quick fencing of a protected area. When folded, the mobile safety barrier does not take up much space and is easily transported, and, if necessary, quickly brought into working position by the effort of two people.

Egoza Razor Mesh

The Egoza razor mesh, also known as the Piranha razor mesh or the Acacia flat razor wire fence, is a protective barrier made of Egoza barbed wire, designed to erect or strengthen fences. The Egoza razor mesh is a wide sheet of Egoza razor wire with diamond-shaped cells. Using Egoza razor mesh, you can build a fence using only poles and guide wire, or you can install razor mesh on the surface of any fence, significantly increasing its protective properties.

Egoza Pyramidal Barrier

The Egoza pyramidal barrier is a complex protective barrier and consists of several Egoza concertina wire security barriers. This type of barrier got its name because of the shape that Egoza concertina wire connected to each other form. The Egoza pyramidal barrier can include at least three concertina wire barriers, and if desired, any number of Egoza concertina wire barriers can be used, obtaining a protective barrier of any required height and length. The scope of the Egoza pyramidal barrier is uneven areas of terrain on which it is difficult or impossible to install a solid fence or other fence. Pyramidal Egoza is widely used to protect military installations and critical sections of the state border.

Egoza Double Concertina Wire Barrier

The Egoza double concertina or Egoza double concertina wire barrier is a highly effective Egoza razor wire barrier. Due to its design, the Egoza double concertina wire barrier is much more effective than the regular Egoza concertina wire barrier or the Egoza single coil wire. A double concertina wire barrier consists of two Egoza concertina barriers of different diameters, one of which is located inside the other. The high strength of such a barrier allows it to be used both for the protection of military and sensitive facilities, and for fencing critical civilian critical infrastructure facilities.

Egoza Barbed Wire Application

Egoza barbed wire is used as a means of engineering protection of the perimeter of various objects. Egoza razor wire is used for installation on any fences and barriers, while various types of Egoza barbed wire fences can be used. Most widely Egoza razor wire is used for fencing important critical infrastructure facilities, industrial enterprises, sensitive facilities, fencing the state border, and for many other purposes.

Egoza Razor Wire Quality

The quality of Egoza barbed wire can be assessed by examining its technical characteristics. How high quality Egoza razor wire is can be judged by evaluating the core diameter of the Egoza razor wire, the thickness and quality of the zinc coating of the Egoza wire and blades, the number of staples connecting the turns of the Egoza concertina wire security barrier, and the price at which Egoza can be bought - all the most important parameters, responsible for the quality of Egoza razor wire, it is difficult to enumerate at once.

Egoza Barbed Wire Fakes

Like any other, the market for engineering security systems is filled not only with honest sellers and quality products. There are many ways to sell low-quality Egoza razor wire, passing it off as original products from leading manufacturers. For these purposes, some sellers do not hesitate to falsify the technical characteristics of Egoza barbed wire, emphasizing some parameters and hiding others. Another common way to deceive customers is to use well-known trademarks belonging to the leading manufacturers of Egoza razor wire without having the right to do so.

Egoza Razor Wire Installation

The installation of Egoza razor wire, performed at a high technical level, is a guarantee that the installed Egoza barbed wire and its barriers will serve their owner for many decades, and will not fail a few years after strong winds or attempts to overcome them. In addition, poor-quality installation significantly reduces the protective properties of Egoza razor wire, and the cost of purchasing high-quality Egoza becomes unreasonable.

Egoza Barbed Wire Price

The price of Egoza barbed wire, oddly enough, is an indicator of the quality of this product, since its cost mostly consists of the cost of materials from which Egoza razor wire is made. But, besides the price of materials for the production of Egoza, its price is influenced by a number of other factors that should be studied before buying Egoza.