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Egoza Barbed Wire Application

Egoza barbed wire application

Modern Egoza razor wire is widely used to create fences at military, special and civil facilities that require increased attention to ensuring security and preventing intruders from entering the protected area.

At present, Egoza razor wire is successfully used to protect objects of the ministries of defense, internal affairs and other special departments, Egoza razor wire and concertina wire barriers serve to protect a large number of industrial and agricultural enterprises, warehouses and shopping centers, power plants and airports, as well as other objects from unauthorized access to their territory by unwanted persons.

Egoza razor wire makes it possible to create on its basis razor wire barriers of various heights, widths and designs. Egoza razor wire barriers can be installed both directly on the ground and on almost any surface - concertina wire security barriers can be mounted on fences, gates, walls and roofs of buildings and structures.

One of the advantages of using Egoza razor wire fences is their transparency. Razor wire fences provide a high degree of protection of the protected area, while not interfering with surveillance, and allow timely detection of violators, and, if necessary, even firing.

The maximum efficiency of the use of Egoza razor wire is achieved with an integrated approach to ensuring the security of the facility - razor wire fences must be combined with engineering structures and electronic security systems - alarms and video surveillance systems for the protected area.