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Egoza Barbed Wire Quality

Egoza barbed wire quality

When purchasing Egoza razor wire, you should pay attention to those factors and parameters that determine the quality of Egoza razor wire and the efficiency of its use, as well as the service life of Egoza razor wire barriers.

Many potential buyers of Egoza razor wire are mainly interested in one or two parameters - for example, the cost of a ton or a kilometer of barbed wire, or the presence of a protective zinc coating, while losing sight of many other equally important parameters that have a significant impact on the quality of Egoza razor wire. What should you pay attention to if you are going to buy Egoza razor wire?

First, it is, of course, the price of Egoza razor wire. There are always sellers on the market of security systems, and, in particular, on the razor wire market, who offer Egoza razor wire at prices significantly lower than the market average. Naturally, as in the case of any other product, a decrease in price entails a decrease in the quality of the product itself.

Basically, in order to reduce the razor wire price, materials that do not meet the required standards are used in its production. This may be a carrier wire of a smaller diameter than necessary, or not having sufficient spring properties, as well as the use of too thin steel for the production of a razor tape. In this case, the barbed wire barrier will crumple, not spring, and the spikes, which should cut when engaged, will simply bend.

High-quality Egoza razor wire should be made by pressing the razor tape around the base, and not by twisting it. The operation of crimping the cutting tape slightly increases the cost of Egoza razor wire, but significantly increases its efficiency, since in this case it is almost impossible to separate the razor tape from the core wire and cut it.

Another factor is that for the production of high-quality Egoza razor wire, only zinc coated materials should be used, and the protective zinc coating should not be damaged in the process of making razor wire barriers. Otherwise, the service life of such barbed wire will be much less than the declared one - and for barriers made of really high-quality Egoza razor wire, it is at least 20-25 years.

In addition to the quality of the razor wire itself, there is another important factor that determines the quality of the fence - this is the Egoza razor wire installation. When installing concertina wire barriers, it is necessary to take into account many factors that affect the efficiency of using Egoza razor wire - from the location of the barriers to the degree of stretching of the concertina wire barrier. The latter factor has a significant impact on the effectiveness of the Egoza razor wire - the turns of the Bruno spiral must be located close enough to each other, otherwise the protective properties of such a fence are much reduced. Therefore, it is better to entrust the installation of Egoza razor wire to professionals.