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Egoza Razor Wire

Razor Wire

Razor Wire

Egoza razor wire is also known as Egoza barbed wire and others, it is distinguished by high reliability and efficiency in use for the protection of objects. Egoza razor wire is a reinforced barbed razor tape that has higher protective characteristics than ordinary single or double-core barbed wire. The Egoza razor wire is more efficient due to its technical characteristics, determined by the technology of its manufacture and materials for the production of this type of barbed wire.

Production of Egoza Razor Wire

Egoza razor wire, unlike ordinary barbed wire, is made from completely different materials and using a different technology. For the manufacture of Egoza razor wire, a strong high-carbon wire is used - usually spring or rope. Egoza razor wire blades are made from rolled steel by cold stamping using specially designed dies, which ensure the sharpness of Egoza razor wire blades. In order for this type of barbed wire to serve for a long time, only high-quality zinc coated wire and rolled steel are used for its manufacture. Stamping and rolling of Egoza razor wire is carried out on special equipment, which ensures high quality of razor tape compression around the reinforcing wire, and at the same time excluding damage to the zinc coating of steel and wire.

Egoza Barbed Wire Application

Egoza razor wire is used either as a single strand for fencing a protected area, or barriers of various designs are made from it - a concertina wire barrier, a flat security barrier, a mobile security barrier, protective fences, etc. Egoza razor wire concertina barriers significantly increase the efficiency of its use. The warranty period of Egoza razor wire is 20-25 years.