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Chain-Link Fence of the Increased Durability

Chain-link fence of increased strength

Sturdy Chain Link Fence

The chain-link fence of increased strength is a reliable and high-quality fence designed for operation in harsh environmental conditions. The reinforced construction fence has increased protective properties, due to which it provides reliable protection of the object enclosed by it, even without the use of Egoza barbed wire barriers. Such fences have proven themselves well at facilities located in Central Asia and the Middle East, requiring no maintenance for many years and retaining their original strength. Fences of this type are widely used for fencing sections of gas pipelines and oil pipelines, gas distribution stations, electrical substations and other critical infrastructure facilities.

The Design of a Durable Chain-Link Fence

The fence from a grid the chain-link of the increased durability is made of a continuous cloth of the wicker grid made of a wire of big section. The mesh fabric is fixed on powerful pillars, the supporting and corner pillars are additionally reinforced with spacers. The mesh fabric is reinforced with steel wire stretched along the fence, to which the mesh is additionally attached. Along the upper and lower edges, the mesh has rows of sharp spikes formed by twisted and cut at an angle wire. All elements of the fence are securely galvanized and coated with a thick, about a millimeter, polymer layer to protect against corrosion.