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Egoza Barbed Wire Fakes

Egoza barbed wire fakes

Often you can see the sentences “we sell razor wire cheaply” or “razor wire Egoza is cheaper than anyone else”. But we all know that free cheese (in our case, cheap) only happens in a mousetrap. What you need to know in order not to make a mistake when buying razor wire?

There is always an average price level for any product on the market, be it barbed wire or something else. If you are offered the same product much cheaper, the question arises - where is the catch? Naturally, if a supplier significantly reduces the cost of products, he must save on something, and, as a result, to one degree or another, this affects the quality of razor wire and razor wire barriers.

The price of razor wire can be reduced in several ways. For example, in the production of razor tape, sheet metal less than 0.5 mm thick can be used - then the spikes of the razor tape will simply bend when engaged, instead of hooking and securely fixing the offender. Thin wire (less than 2.5 mm) or wire with low spring properties can be used as the basis for reinforced razor tape - this leads to the fact that barriers made of such wire do not retain their shape well and wrinkle instead of springy, in addition, low-carbon wire is easier to bite with the help of improvised means. Clips for fastening the turns of the Egoza spiral fence must have sufficient strength to maintain the integrity of the wire fence under loads. Reducing the diameter of the wire and the thickness of the tape can significantly reduce the cost of razor wire, but also significantly worsen quality of Egoza razor wire and its service life.

An important factor that affects the service life of Egoza razor wire is the presence of high-quality zinc coating of all materials from which Egoza razor wire is made. Not only the tape and wire should be galvanized, but also the clips that fasten the coils of the concertina wire barrier. In addition, the zinc coating must be free from defects that would allow corrosion to quickly render the barbed wire unusable. The presence of surface defects indicates poor-quality or worn-out equipment for the production of razor wire. The presence of backlash can also indicate poor-quality equipment - a high-quality compressed razor tape should be a single whole with the base, without gaps and backlashes.

There is a cheap option for the production of Egoza razor wire from production waste, but in this case, as you understand, comments are superfluous.

If the barbed wire production technology is not followed and materials that do not meet the required standards are used in its manufacture, Egoza razor wire and concertina wire barriers quickly lose their protective properties and appearance, turning into a pile of crumpled and tangled wire and tape, although for high-quality Egoza razor wire the service life is at least 20-25 years even in difficult environmental conditions.