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Zink Coated Barbed Wire

Zink coated barbed wire

Barbed Wire with Zinc Coating

Zinc coated barbed wire, unlike uncoated wire, has a much longer service life. The zinc coating of the wire reliably protects it from moisture, rain, snow and other weather factors, allowing the use of zinc coated barbed wire for many years without the need to replace it with a new one. And although zink coated barbed wire costs more than uncoated wire, its use has become more and more popular lately. The reason is simple – zinc coated barbed wire lasts longer than uncoated, and ultimately it is more profitable to buy zinc coated barbed wire.

Barbed Wire Zinc Coating

It should be noted that a protective zinc coating is applied not to the barbed wire itself, but to the materials for its production. Such barbed wire is made from low-carbon zinc coated wire, and it is important that the zinc coating is applied to the wire not by galvanization, but by hot-dip zinc coating. Although the first technology of applying zinc to wire is cheaper, it is hot dip zinc coating that provides the highest quality protective coating.

Types of Zinc Coated Barbed Wire

Zinc coated barbed wire is produced in all known types and designs. The industry produces zinc coated single-base barbed wire, as well as zinc coated barbed wire with two bases, barbed wire with direct or reverse twist, with spikes wound on one or both bases - in a word, all known types of ordinary barbed wire are made zinc coated.

Installation of Zinc Coated Barbed Wire

Installation of zinc coated barbed wire is carried out in the same way as barbed wire without a protective coating. When installing it, the same equipment and tools are used as when installing fences and other barriers made of barbed wire without zinc coating.