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Egoza Barbed Wire and Fences

Fences and Barriers, Barbed Wire and Razor Wire

To protect any territory or object from outside interference, fences and barbed wire are traditionally used in various combinations with each other. Only fences can be used to protect the territory - a fence made of welded mesh, a fence made of welded wire panels, a fence made of profiled sheet, a fence made of chain-link mesh, as well as a brick or concrete fence. At the same time, any fence can be significantly strengthened if ordinary barbed wire, modern Egoza razor wire, or some type of barbed or razor wire barrier is installed on it. The protective properties of any fence can be enhanced by installing Egoza razor mesh on it, which is specially designed for erecting and strengthening fences. But to protect the territory, the fence itself is not always needed - modern types of fences allow you to build a fence without a fence. Such options for fencing the territory are the erection of a fence made of barbed wire, Egoza razor wire, Egoza flat or concertina wire barrier, Egoza razor mesh, as well as installing a Egoza pyramidal barrier instead of a fence, consisting of several concertina wire barriers.

Barbed Wire

The history of barbed wire began somewhere in the middle of the nineteenth century, when a patent was first received for a then new invention - barbed wire. It was in the United States, and barbed wire was intended for absolutely peaceful purposes - it was used to make cheap and effective fences for livestock pens. In the future, the scope of barbed wire has expanded significantly. Subsequently, barbed wire became widely used in military operations, and in the middle of the twentieth century, barbed wire became a symbol of totalitarian regimes with their correctional institutions.

At present, ordinary barbed wire is used mainly for the construction of fences and hedges in animal husbandry, as well as to protect roads and railways, as well as other similar objects, from penetration of wild animals. But for solving more important tasks, ordinary barbed wire is no longer quite suitable. To create reliable fences for the effective protection of various military and civilian facilities, modern Egoza barbed wire is now mainly used. Just like the scope, the design of barbed wire itself has also changed significantly since its invention.

Egoza Wire

Egoza barbed wire is a modern and more advanced analogue of ordinary barbed wire, invented in the second half of the nineteenth century. To strengthen fences and barriers, both Egoza razor wire and various types of barriers made of this barbed wire are used - a concertina wire security barrier using the Bruno spiral principle, a flat security barrier, a mobile security barrier, a razor mesh, pyramidal barriers and other Egoza wire security barriers.

Egoza barbed wire has high protective properties, and it is no coincidence that it is used to create barriers around objects that require enhanced protection - these are power plants and airports, large enterprises, military installations and objects of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Due to its high efficiency, Egoza razor wire is also widely used to protect small objects - retail and warehouse premises, car parks and gas stations, the territory of small enterprises and private property. Egoza razor wire fences provide reliable and effective protection of the territory of almost any facility.

Fences and Barriers

Perhaps there is no other object in the world that has such a diverse design and execution as an ordinary fence. And all these options for fences, regardless of its height, length or materials from which it was made, are designed for one purpose - to protect some territory in order to make it more difficult to enter or leave it. And already, depending on the characteristics of the protected area and the objects located in this area, the design and equipment of the fence necessary for its protection is selected.

Fences of various types can be used to protect the territory. It can be a strong and heavy fence made of brick or concrete, or it can be a light, but at the same time strong fence made of welded mesh or a fence made of welded wire panels. It is possible to protect the territory cheaply and effectively with the help of a profiled sheet fence, and it is difficult to imagine a more versatile fence than a chain-link fence. In addition, any fence can be used as a basic fence, on which both ordinary barbed wire and modern Egoza razor wire or various types of Egoza razor wire barriers can be installed.