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Single Base Barbed Wire

Barbed wire single-core

Description of Single Core Barbed Wire

Barbed wire single-core - one of the varieties of ordinary barbed wire. As its name suggests, this barbed wire has a single base on which spikes are attached. Single core barbed wire is the cheapest option for barbed wire, especially if it is made without a protective coating. Single base barbed wire can be used to make agricultural hedges intended for keeping cattle, as well as to create barbed wire fences that protect the fenced area from wild animals.

Single Core Barbed Wire Construction

Single-core barbed wire is one strand of steel wire, on which spikes of steel wire are wound with a certain pitch. As a base, low-carbon wire without a protective coating is usually used; barbed wire spikes are also made from the same wire. The diameter of the wire for making spikes can be the same as that of the barbed wire warp, or slightly smaller, especially if steel wire over 2.5 mm is used as the warp.

Barbed wire spikes are short pieces of steel wire cut at a sharp angle and wound around a warp. Cutting the wire at an acute angle ensures the sharpness of the spikes of the barbed wire. For a more reliable fixation of spikes of single-core barbed wire on the base, steel wire of variable profile can be used as it, which is slightly flattened at certain intervals - this prevents the spikes from slipping along the base of the barbed wire.

Price and Quality of Barbed Wire

As mentioned earlier, made from uncoated mild steel wire, single strand barbed wire is the cheapest of all types of barbed wire What can affect the price of barbed wire? First of all - the diameter of the wire from which the base and spikes of the barbed wire are made - the larger the diameter, the more expensive the barbed wire is. The price of barbed wire can be affected by the step of winding the spikes on its base - barbed wire, the spikes of which are located at a distance of 15 cm from each other, is much cheaper than the one with the spikes located 5 cm apart. The cost of barbed wire can be increased by the use of more expensive galvanized wire, which increases the service life and quality of barbed wire, as well as an additional protective coating. For this reason, zinc coated barbed wire and PVC coated barbed wire are more expensive than plain single core barbed wire.