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Barbed Wire Fence

Barbed wire fence

Barbed Wire as a Fence Material

A barbed wire fence is one of the oldest, but still relevant, barriers made of ordinary barbed wire. In fact, barbed wire was invented at one time so that it could be used to make fences, hedges and other fences. A barbed wire fence is a fairly effective obstacle for domestic and wild animals, but it is not very suitable for protection against intruders - in this case, a fence made of Egoza razor wire, which is stronger and more effective than ordinary barbed wire, is more suitable.

Barbed Wire Fence and Agriculture

A barbed wire fence is usually used for agricultural purposes; it is good to enclose cattle pens with such a fence. Barbed wire does not allow animals to destroy the fence, causing pain when in contact with its sharp spikes, but at the same time does not cause significant injuries to animals that could harm their health. For this reason, as it was a century and a half ago, barbed wire remains one of the best materials from which a cattle pen can be made.

Barbed Wire Fence as Protection from Wild Animals

A barbed wire fence is often used not only to keep livestock in pens, but also to protect farms from wild animals - in this case, the fence performs the same protective function as in cattle pens, but vice versa - it does not let wild animals into the territory owned by farmers.

In addition, barbed wire fences are being installed along highways to keep wild animals out of the road or railroad. A wild animal that runs onto the autobahn or onto the railroad tracks can not only suffer itself, but also cause an emergency. To prevent such incidents, barbed wire fences are used, or chain-link fences are installed, over which several strands of barbed wire are pulled.

Barbed Wire Fences Installation

Installing a barbed wire fence is much easier than a Egoza razor wire fence, but it is still not an easy task. In order to get a strong, durable and effective fence made of barbed wire, you must have the skills to work with barbed wire, knowledge of the basic principles of constructing a fence of this type and have the necessary materials for installing the fence, as well as equipment for stretching barbed wire on the fence. If all the work on installing a barbed wire fence is done correctly, the fence will last for many years and will not require repairs and maintenance for a long period of time.