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Egoza Barbed Wire Price

Egoza barbed wire price

What Determines the Price of Egoza Razor Wire?

The question of the price of a modern reinforced razor tape or simply Egoza wire excites buyers more than other technical aspects, although the cost of Egoza is directly related to technical characteristics. How much should Egoza wire cost? The price depends on many factors. The most significant of them are the thickness of the metal of the razor tape, the diameter of the wire base, the presence or absence and degree of zinc coating.

Egoza Wire Price and Zinc Coating Quality

If you choose Egoza, the first thing you should pay attention to is not the degree of zinc coating, but the type of wire used in the production of Egoza razor wire, the main characteristic of which is the nominal tensile strength, which should have a value of at least 1600 N/mm2. The complete absence of zinc coating sharply reduces the operational potential of the barrier, reducing its aesthetic appearance to one, and the restraining properties to two or three seasons. The price of a galvanized Egoza wire is higher than the cost of a fence without a protective coating, but it is quite obvious that Egoza razor wire barriers made from low-carbon, medium-carbon or other wire with a low tensile strength will become unusable in the process of deformation long before the fence is will be subject to corrosion. For the production of highly effective spiral razor-tape obstacles, high-carbon steel wire is usually used.

What thickness should be the zinc coating on Egoza wire? The price of the finished product, as noted above, depends on the presence of a zinc coating, but in this case, you should be extremely careful. The optimal thickness of zinc coating is 160-230 g/m2, if the coating thickness is less than or equal to 40 g/m2, you should not buy such barbed wire due to the low margin of safety. It often happens that way - choosing Egoza wire, you can save on its cost. For example, overestimated performance of zinc coating over 270 g/m2 are just a subject for price manipulations, because such a thickness does not have a significant effect on increasing the operational life of the Egoza wire, with the exception of the operation of the barrier in particularly harsh conditions, namely when installing the Egoza razor wire in coastal sea areas and in places of increased acidity in the atmosphere, where even increased metal coating with zinc will minimally extend the service life of barbed wire. In particularly harsh operating conditions of Egoza wire barriers, it is recommended to use barriers made of stainless hard-worked wire and stainless rolled steel for barbed tape.

Razor Wire Core and Price of Egoza Wire

The next indicator that affects the Egoza razor wire price is the thickness of the core. The wire on which the razor tape is rolled can have a thickness ranging from 2.2 to 4.0 mm. The thickness of the core increases as the diameter of the concertina wire increases. That is, the larger the diameter of the concertina wire (and the higher the protective barrier), the thicker the wire base.

Clips and Coils of the Concertina Wire Barrier and Their Influence on the Egoza Price

The number of clips on the turns of Egoza concertina wire barrier also significantly affects the price of Egoza wire. In the production of barbed Egoza concertina wire, reinforced tape is wound on a special drum, and subsequently, staples are installed on each pair of turns of the spiral to connect adjacent Egoza wire turns. The number of staples around the circumference of the spiral is odd. For example, if Egoza wire with a concertina wire diameter of 600 mm and the number of turns - 100 was fastened with a three-staple method-600/3, its installation length can be 25 meters or more, if Egoza wire with 100 turns and the same diameter of 600 mm is fastened with a five-staple method, then its installation length will barely be 18 meters. Two coils of Egoza 600/3 and 600/5, almost identical in terms of metal consumption and cost, completely different in efficiency, protective properties and appearance. In the first case, the cost of one meter of the Egoza razor wire fence will be much less, but is it worth buying this fence to the detriment of the loss of the Egoza wire protective properties, not to mention the aesthetic appearance? Some unscrupulous dealers in coiled barbed wire, namely "razor wire in a coil", because. It cannot be called a Egoza wire, they manipulate the above characteristics in order to obtain additional profit and often hide the technical characteristics of spiral barbed wire from the buyer. Now you know what the price of Egoza wire depends on. We hope this information will help you when choosing a protective barrier.