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Fences and Barriers

Fences and barriers

Modern Fences

A modern fence is not only the protection of the territory, but also its decoration. A modern fence should have such qualities as reliability, strength, durability, aesthetic appearance and fit well into the territory on which the fence is installed. Several types of fences are available for sale, designed to protect both social facilities and facilities with increased security requirements. All fences are manufactured using modern technology, are reliably protected from corrosion and have a long service life.

Welded Mesh Fence

A fence made of welded mesh is a simple and versatile fence for any territory. Welded wire mesh is produced in rolls and can be installed on any type of poles. A welded mesh fence is a relatively cheap, but strong enough fence that can be recommended to both individuals and various organizations, as well as enterprises for fencing their territory.

Welded Wire Panel Fence

A fence made of welded wire panels is well suited for fencing almost any object - from a private house and a shopping center to a park or stadium. The fence is made of welded metal panels, coated with a layer of zinc and powder polymer paint for corrosion protection. The use of powder polymer paint allows you to reliably protect the metal surface from corrosion and give the fence almost any color.

Chain Link Fence

The chain-link fence is the most common and versatile fencing for any territory. Chain-link fences are used for fencing private houses and small firms, the territory of enterprises from warehouses, for fencing civil, military and critical infrastructure facilities. For all its cheapness and simplicity of design, a chain-link fence is a strong enough fence for any territory.

Reinforced Chain Link Fence

A chain-link fence of a reinforced design made of is designed to enclose the territory of objects that require additional protection. The design of the fence is specially designed to provide an increased level of security - it is made of a continuous sheet of metal mesh, along the edges of which there are rows of sharp spikes, so that such a fence cannot be equipped with Egoza razor wire barriers. All elements of the fence have a multi-layer anti-corrosion coating - a layer of zinc and polymer, thanks to which the fence of this design serves as a reliable protection of the fenced area for many years.

Barbed Wire Fence

A barbed wire fence is a specific type of fencing found in rural areas. Barbed wire fences are used to protect highways, autobahns, railroads and other highways to keep wild animals out of them, and in animal husbandry to build fences to keep cattle in them. Currently, barbed wire fences are practically not used as a means of protecting the perimeter of critical objects.

Installation of Fences and Barriers

Installation of fences and barriers is carried out in various ways, which depend on the type of fence, the area on which the fence will be installed, as well as on the security requirements at the protected object. The fence can be installed on a continuous strip foundation or on pillars embedded in an individual concrete base, in addition, it is possible to install fences using screw piles and other methods. In the case of increased security requirements, the fence can be equipped with protection against undermining, and on top of it, ordinary barbed wire or one of the types of security barriers made of modern Egoza barbed wire can be installed.